Automated Access Control Systems

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After years of efforts in product development we have launched our Home and Hotel Automation product line which we believe will replace the traditional key or magnetic swipe card-based access control systems. In the coming years, we have plans to keep adding other futuristic product lines to our portfolio to improve the lives of people worldwide.


Our Door locks are not only technologically smart but also come in a range of stylish colours that look aesthetically pleasing and professional. NFC /RFID locks are great for hotels, motels, dormitory, hospitals, schools and other commercial buildings.


The data on a NFC/ RFID card is only readable when you have a special equipment, this feature keeps the data recorded on the chip secure. Our locks usually are weatherproof due to no exposed card slot. In case of losing the card or for additional security, you are able to program and reprogram an existing access system with new security requirements anytime.


RFID smart cards are programmable, easy to use and affordable. An NFC/RFID card is just as useful in your pocket or clipped to your shirt. Compared to magnetic stripe card, NFC smart cards don't need to make physical contact with the reader, which adds convenience when you are carrying an armload of boxes.

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Digital Locks For Every Use

Since its inception, Tuchware has ensured high-end customer service. Our hard work and determination have made us the fastest growing Brand in the Digital locking sector. Contact us today to get a custom solution for your requirements.

Access Control Hotels

Made of High-Quality stainless steel and works on Mifare Technology. The robust and generic design of the lock makes it easily adaptable with any interior design and can be easily upgraded from mechanical or IC lock.

Easy Installation
Sleek Design
electronic door locks
Access control hotels

One Card Access Enable your guests to access entire property with a single card for room, safe, lockers, lobby, lift etc

smart door lock
Access control homes

Bluetooth Enabled Mobile App based system requires no additional hardware to control your lock from anywhere.

Access Control Homes

Home, the most private and warm place to be at. Our Smart Door Lock is trusted by premium apartments or high-end commercial buildings all over the world. No more heavy key chains, lost keys, secure & simple, one card for all lock.

Secure &
Intelligent & Convenient

Access Control Office

Retrofit your office gates & access points with Mobile BLE enabled Access Control System. Contactless Access Control for office integrated with Temperature Sensor.

Easy Installation
Sleek Design
digital door lock
Access control office

5 Way Unlocking with Inbuilt Attendance Management System

smart door lock
Smart Home

Our Z-wave Protocol based security brings you comfort and security together. Best of both worlds

Smart Home Solutions

Our smart home kit consists of a Z-wave Hub, Wi-Fi Camera, Sensors, Switches, Plugs. The Kit is developed as a one stop solution for making your entire home smart in one go.

Secure &
Intelligent & Convenient


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