About Tuchware

Tuchware Technologies Private Limited began its journey in 2016 and expanded its business expertise in Access control, electric surveillance, and smart security. With an expansive presence in cities like Mumbai, Gurgaon, Delhi, and Hyderabad, Tuchware present CE, ROHS, and ISO-certified electronic security solutions through its wide range of innovative products. We have office presence in these major cities. Apart from these we have more than 20 dealers in other major cities and 200+ registered technicians in around 70 cities.

Tuchware is the only Electronic Hotel Locking Systems manufacturer in India. We are committed to new and innovative technology and strive to provide electronic security solutions to the hospitality industry, rental condominiums, private apartments, and facilities where people need smart security solutions. Each solution with smart lock is designed to meet our client’s needs for security, organization, and convenience and is recognized as the expert and leader within the industry


We aspire to be one of the most prominent, preferred leaders of the Electronic Security Industry and provide superior quality Products and Services to our customers and dealers.


Our mission is to design and build innovative electronic and automation products to a technology-driven, sustainable future.

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Made in India

Years of Experience

Cost Effective and Trustworthy

The only manufacturer of Electronic Hotel Locking Systems in India

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