The Hidden Facts About Digital Door Locks

Unlock the world of digital door locks with the help of these secrets in the next slides.

Many digital lock use one time password which are accessible for single use to the owner for more strict security.

Digital door locks allow multiple access modes like finger print, face reader, pin code, etc which is more convinent and flexible.

Some digital locks have alarms build in it that gets active at the time of forced entry in order to alert the owner.

Anti-lock feature is one of the most reliable which ensures to lock the door automatically after some time even if you forget it.

Few digital locks provide you with the quality of temporary access code which is useful for limited period of time.  

Digital  locks do  record and collect the data related to who accessed the door and when. 

Wireless connectivity enables the owner to enjoy many features like wi-fi, bluetooth that helps to monitor that activities through smartphones.

The voice control lead the owner to unlock the door by using voice commands and make your hand free.

Digital door lock  mostly  run on battery, many locks comes with battery backup ensuring you to access the door even when the electricity is not available.

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Image Source: Unsplash