The advantages of integrating electronic smart door locks with home automation systems.

Upcoming slides will show the benefits of electronic smart locks:

Smart digital hand locks to maximize the security and safety for your place.

Digital hand locks that provide you easy accessibility to your home without carrying any physical keys.

Affordable and cost friendly advancement of your home adding to the value of your house aesthetics.

Smart hand locks can be controlled through a mobile app which is more suitable and uncomplicated.

Homeowners can allow temporary access to any guest without actually giving them the actual physical keys.

The home owners can monitor the activities of their place knowing who has entered when.

By installing the encoders the customer can also save the wastage of electricity, saving the money.

Easy installation at any kind of door with customized design under budget.

Card, mobile app, sensor, wi-fi, Bluetooth, voice detect, pin, face reader, palm reader, finger print etc are the features of a digital hand lock.

Smart locks are more reliable and authentic to secure your home .

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