XS-3500 FR | Face Recognition Door Lock | Advanced Security for Your Home

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Enhance the security of your home with the XS-3500 Face Recognition Door Lock. Experience advanced biometric technology that provides convenient and secure access to your home. Say goodbye to traditional keys and embrace the future of home security.

Technical details: 

Uses House, Hotels, Hostels, Guest House, Homestays, Serviced Apartments
Unlock Method Face Recognition, Palm Vein, Fingerprint, Mobile App, Key Pad, Card, Key
Material Zinc Alloy
Door Type Wood, Thickness
Required 30 mm-55 mm
Outer Dimensions 408mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 31mm (H)
Static Current <50 mA
Operating Current <250mAh
Face Capacity <100
Palm Vein Capacity <100
Fingerprint Capacity <100
Password Capacity <5
Card Capacity <100
Camera Infrared & Color Camera


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  • True Keyless Entry – Lock and unlock your door in a single motion Fingerprints as you grip the lock. A lightning speed of 0.25 seconds is all that is required to open. Much faster than any key. Inbuilt Door Bell.
  • Unlock using Fingerprint, Passcode, Bluetooth Mobile APP, RFID Access card, or Emergency keys.
  • Two-Layer Authentication: Add Double Security that requires a combination of 2 access methods to unlock your door.
  • Stainless steel bolts (5) to secure your main door. The lock comes with Wrong Password Sound after 5 unsuccessful attempts.

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 4.40 kg
Dimensions 46.2 × 26.1 × 12.9 cm

1 review for XS-3500 FR | Face Recognition Door Lock | Advanced Security for Your Home

  1. Manvi

    Lock gives your home a luxurious look and solve all functional purpose that you expect from a smart lock.
    Unlock via phone, pin, OTP, RFID, biometric.
    Very much recommend to everyone.

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