XS 1100 Spare Parts | Smart RFID Door Lock For Home, Hotels – Ensuring Longevity and Reliability


Product Description: Optimize the performance and durability of your XS1100 Smart RFID Door Lock with our comprehensive Spare Parts Kit. This kit includes high-quality components designed to the exact specifications of the original parts, ensuring a seamless fit and reliable operation. Take proactive steps to maintain your keyless entry system with the following essential spare parts:

  1. PCBATW8090: Ensure the heart of your XS1100 stays robust with a replacement PCBATW8090.
  2. MORTISE 1100: Maintain the structural integrity of your door lock with a spare MORTISE 1100.
  3. KEY LOCK SET GENERIC: Keep your security intact with a spare key lock set, ensuring uninterrupted access control.
  4. Screw Set: Replace worn-out or lost screws to secure the components of your XS1100 lock.
  5. LEVER SILVER: Upgrade or replace the lever for a sleek and polished look, ensuring smooth operation.
  6. KNOB: Keep control at your fingertips with a spare knob, designed for durability and functionality.
  7. Strike Plate Generic: Ensure proper alignment and secure latching with a replacement strike plate.
  8. LATCH COVER GENERIC: Preserve the appearance and functionality of your latch with a spare cover.
  9. Circlip Knob, O-Ring Knob, Washer Knob: Maintain the knob assembly with these essential spare parts for a secure and precise fit.
  10. Circlip Handle, Washer: Keep the handle assembly secure and functional with spare circlips and washers.
  11. Clutch, Nut Lock: Ensure smooth and reliable operation by replacing the clutch and nut lock components.
  12. Coil Spring: Preserve the responsiveness of your lock with a spare coil spring for optimal performance.
  13. Lever Ring, O Ring: Enhance the durability and longevity of your lock with spare lever and O rings.

Invest in the longevity of your XS1100 Smart RFID Door Lock with our Spare Parts Kit, designed to address wear and tear, ensuring your keyless entry system remains a beacon of security for your home, apartment, office, or hotel.

Ensure your XS1100 Smart RFID Door Lock operates at peak performance for years to come. Our Spare Parts Kit is your insurance against unexpected issues, offering peace of mind and safeguarding the security of your home, apartment, office, hotel, or any space where the XS1100 lock is deployed.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
Product Type

PCBATW8090, MORTISE 1100 (Left), MORTISE 1100 (Right), KEY LOCK SET GENERIC, Screw Set, LEVER SILVER, LEVER BLACK, KNOB Silver, KNOB Black, Strike Plate Generic, LATCH COVER GENERIC, Circlip Knob, O-Ring Knob, Washer Knob, Circlip Handle, Washer, Clutch, nut lock, Coil Spring, Lever Ring, O Ring, Acrylic Display, Key Hole Cover, Lever Spring, Battery Case, XS1100 Front Handle (Silver, Left), XS1100 Front Handle (Silver, Right), XS1100 Front Handle (Black, Left), XS1100 Front Handle (Black, Right)


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