Tuchware Hotel Lock Software – Advanced XS Locking System Management

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Elevate your hospitality experience with the Tuchware Hotel Lock Software, a cutting-edge solution tailored for the XS Locking System. As leading digital door lock manufacturers in India, Tuchware presents a robust standalone software designed exclusively for efficient property management.

Key Features:

  1. Card Issuing Capability: Seamlessly issue and manage various card types, including guest cards, master cards, floor cards, and more, providing secure and personalized access to your premises.
  2. Offline Operation: Enjoy uninterrupted functionality with our standalone software that operates seamlessly even without an internet connection, ensuring reliability and consistent performance.
  3. Multi-Level Permissions: Tailor access rights with precision using distinct roles such as manager, user, and other customizable roles. This feature enhances security and simplifies the management of permissions within your property.
  4. Comprehensive Property Management: Effortlessly oversee and control your property with an intuitive interface. Manage access, monitor security, and streamline operations with ease.


  • Enhanced Security: Utilize the XS Locking System to fortify your property’s security, offering peace of mind to both guests and management.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Navigate the software effortlessly with a user-friendly interface, ensuring smooth management of your digital door lock system.
  • Customized Permissions: Tailor access permissions to align with your property’s specific needs, creating a secure and efficient environment.
  • Offline Reliability: Our software guarantees consistent performance, even in the absence of an internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted security operations.

Choose Tuchware Hotel Lock Software to revolutionize your property management system and provide a seamless and secure experience for your guests and staff. Elevate your hospitality standards with our advanced XS Locking System Management solution.


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