SH-800-Smart Home Control Panel-Tuya Zigbee -4 Inch Multi-functional WiFi Home Control Panel with Background Music System

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Enhance your smart home experience with the SH-800 Smart Home Control Panel. This cutting-edge 4-inch multi-functional WiFi control panel combines convenience and versatility, allowing you to effortlessly manage your entire home automation system. From controlling lights, temperature, and security to managing smart appliances, this sleek panel puts the power in your hands.

Technical Specification

power input AC 90V-240V Output Power 2*15W
Output impedance 4-8 Total harmonic distortion 0.03%(1W,1KHZ
Frequency response 20Hz-20Khz Audio signal to noise ratio 98dB
Audio input (AUX) one Audio output one
IOT Tuya WIFI support
Bluetooth audio support WIFI audio push support
CPU Quad coreCortex 1.5G Operating system Android8.1
Display 4” Resolution 480*480(IPS full view
System memory 1GB Storage memory 8GB
Wire box opening size 75*75*50MM dimension 86*86*10mm

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Upgrade your home to a smart and harmonious living space with the “HomeMaster Touch” 4 Inch Multi-functional WiFi Home Control Panel. This innovative device combines a sleek touchscreen interface, advanced home control capabilities, and a background music system, all powered by the Tuya Zigbee Gateway technology.

Key Features:

Touch Screen Interface: Interact with your smart home effortlessly through the vibrant 4-inch touch screen display. Easily navigate menus, control devices, and access various features with intuitive gestures and taps.
Multi-functional Home Control: Seamlessly manage and monitor your smart devices, such as lights, thermostats, security systems, and more, from a single centralized hub. Enjoy the convenience of controlling your entire home with just a few taps.
WiFi Connectivity: Connect the control panel to your home WiFi network, enabling remote access and control from anywhere using the Tuya mobile app. Stay in command of your home’s functions, even when you’re away.
Background Music System: Transform your living space into an immersive audio experience. The “HomeMaster Touch” features a built-in background music system, allowing you to stream your favorite tunes throughout your home, room by room, with customizable volume and audio source options.
Tuya Zigbee Gateway: Harness the power of the Tuya Zigbee Gateway technology, enabling seamless communication between various smart devices. Enjoy a reliable and secure smart home ecosystem that is compatible with a wide range of Tuya-enabled devices.
Easy Installation: The “HomeMaster Touch” is designed for simple installation. With its compact size and included mounting hardware, you can easily place it on any wall or tabletop in your home. Follow the step-by-step instructions to set up and connect your devices effortlessly.

Transform your living experience with the “HomeMaster Touch” 4 Inch Multi-functional WiFi Home Control Panel. Take control of your smart home devices, enjoy background music throughout your space, and create a harmonious atmosphere with ease. Upgrade to a more connected and convenient lifestyle today with the power of Tuya Zigbee Gateway technology!

2 reviews for SH-800-Smart Home Control Panel-Tuya Zigbee -4 Inch Multi-functional WiFi Home Control Panel with Background Music System

  1. Giridharan

    I would say best product in the market as of today. The design is very attractive and the functions are easy to setup and use.
    The manufacturer is very responsive and we can get clarified for all concerns./

  2. Kathy Buczynski

    I had it professionally installed because I’m not handy like that, but it was very simple and easy to set up. I literally set it up and customized it in under 10 minutes. I love the fact that I can access everything from my phone so that I can let people in from my phone, turn lights on/off, adjust temperature in the house all from one app instead of multiple ones. Highly recommend.

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