XS-3300-GD-Glass Lock-BLE-TTLock | Secure Your Glass Doors with Tuchware Smart locking system

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Upgrade your glass door security with the Tuchware Smart Lock XS3300-GD. Enjoy multiple access options including Bluetooth mobile app, fingerprint, PIN, OTP, RFID card, and manual key access. This smart lock provides ultimate security and convenience for your home or office.

Technical Details:

The Ultimate Access Solution with Bluetooth, Fingerprint, PIN, OTP, RFID Card, and Manual Key Features

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  • True Keyless Entry – Lock and unlock your door in a single motion Fingerprints as you grip the lock. A lightning speed of 0.25 seconds is all that is required to open. Much faster than any key. Inbuilt Door Bell.
  • Unlock using Fingerprint, Passcode, Bluetooth Mobile APP, RFID Access card, or Emergency keys.
  • Two-Layer Authentication: Add Double Security that requires a combination of 2 access methods to unlock your door.
  • Stainless steel bolts (5) to secure your main door. The lock comes with Wrong Password Sound after 5 unsuccessful attempts.

Additional Information:

Weight 1.580 kg
Dimensions 26.6 × 18.1 × 14.5 cm

3 reviews for XS-3300-GD-Glass Lock-BLE-TTLock | Secure Your Glass Doors with Tuchware Smart locking system

  1. Neil Patel

    I was always worried about the security of my glass doors, but the Tuchware Smart Lock XS3300-GD gave me the peace of mind I needed. The lock was easy to install, and now I feel much safer in my Office and home. The lock’s smart features make it convenient to use, and the design is sleek and modern.

  2. Brian

    I recently purchased the Tuchware Smart Lock XS3300-GD for my office’s glass doors. The lock provides a high level of security, and the ease of access for authorized personnel is fantastic. The lock’s sleek and modern design also adds a touch of sophistication to our office’s overall aesthetic.

  3. Suresh Agrawal

    I highly recommend the Tuchware Smart Lock XS3300-GD for anyone looking to secure their glass doors. The lock’s advanced features, such as the ability to lock and unlock remotely and create temporary access codes, make it a top-of-the-line security solution. The lock is also easy to install and operate, and its stylish design is a great addition to any home or business.

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